Along with the craziness of graduating and attempting to find a job comes the additional stress of where to live. For the past two years, I’d been sharing an apartment with a friend that was quite close to school in the Chicago area. Our lease runs out at the end of July, and due to a number of things, I’ve decided to temporarily move back to the Milwaukee area with my parents. You know, to regroup and that general sort of thing.

On a related note, I’ve discovered one of the downfalls of no longer being an official student is not having a studio space to do anything. During the year, I had pretty much moved into the printmaking studio, with its large tables and wifi from the school. My current “studio” is a single 2 foot by 4 foot table in my bedroom. Not exactly easy to work with when I want to be making prints and such. The oh-so-inconvenient trend has been to move things onto my bed when I need my table to work, and then move them back to the table when I need to sleep.

I wasn’t sure of what would happen with the move, but once it was agreed that I would be coming back to Milwaukee, my parents surprised me with an offer of space in the basement (in what is my dad’s “work area”). We’ll be sharing it once all my stuff is moved in, but I’m pretty excited to have even some space to use as a studio. I’ve inherited a desk (that’s so large and clunky that I’m convinced the house was built around it) and I’ll be adding my current work table, lighting, and supplies in the near future.

More updates, of course, to come soon.