Hello. I’m Rachael, and I’m an artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While art was always a large part of my life and interests, I found that it was difficult to commit to being an artist until I was well into my 20s. In 2008, I quit my then (very non-artsy) full-time job to return to school to earn my my BA in Studio Art from Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois.

While there, my love for art and all things paper-related was rekindled, and the majority of my studio studies proceeded to focus on printmaking and book arts. After only two whirlwind years (thanks to transfer credits from my first attempts at college), I graduated in 2010 and returned to the Milwaukee area to re-settle myself.

Since then, I’ve created my own art business, Paper Touch Studio. Building on my interests from school, the majority of my current work is printmaking – linocut and seriography (silkscreen), and a combination of the two. I also often use watercolors to embellish many of my prints. Most of my business revolves around traveling to (most often) outdoor fairs to sell my work and interact with customers and other artists. Though I’ve also been known to take commissions for many types of work, from bookmaking to addressing someone’s wedding invitation envelopes!

In 2014, I purchased my first house and have since converted part of it into my personal studio and business office. I’ve also done a lot of (ongoing!) work on the rest of the house as well – it was pretty scary when I bought it! I’ve recently discovered a rather alarming and expensive desire to plant all the things in my yard.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, I spend 5 days of my week working in Marketing and Design at a private company in the area!

I’m always open to talking with other artists, as well as making connections with prospective customers. If you’d like to chat, please drop me a line!

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