In addition to organizing the registration and organizational aspects of the company’s attendance at tradeshows, I also created many of the display pieces for the booth, as well as promotional material for show attendees. 

Promotional Items

For a tradeshow held in February 2019, our Marketing team developed promotional items that too into account the show’s location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Branded sunglasses and bottles of hot sauce were available for attendees to enjoy. In fact, the hot sauce was so popular that attendees who had seen it in the hands of others were stopping by the booth specifically to get a bottle – we ran out of stock half-way through the 3-day show!

Banners and Displays

As part of the company’s rebranding, all tradeshow banners and display materials needed to be redesigned. Shown at the left are two table-top sized versions of the redesigned pop-up displays. In addition to the two shown, I also designed four full-sized floor banners, using the same design layouts for display consistency.

Additional Display Features

To further develop the company’s appearance at tradeshows, I designed and created a “utility pole” to highlight project offerings and to act as a focal interest point for show attendees.

Please click the photo to see a full overview of the creation of the utility pole.






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