Case Study

Tradeshow Booth Display:

Utility Pole

To provide greater interest to a tradeshow booth, upper-level management wished to add a display of a “utility pole”. This pole needed to highlight the company’s offerings for different types of utilities (electric, gas, and water), as well as provide the opportunity for tradeshow attendees to interact with meters and the booth staff.


Plan & Sketch

The first design iteration of the utility pole happened as a whiteboard sketch during a collaborative multi-team meeting. Using those initial sketches, I developed a full design and then a more refined Adobe Illustrator version for materials and construction purposes (not shown).


Sourcing Materials

Once the design was finalized, I needed to source materials for the construction. A key requirement of the design was that the pole needed to be disassembled for shipping to and from tradeshow show venues. After researching different options, I worked with a local vendor of Aquatherm, a fusable piping product, to produce our required parts.


Assembly and Appearance

The final steps were to paint the piping to give it the appearance of a weathered wood utility pole, and to assemble all other parts of the display, including a foundation base, meters, and artificial grass. A team member with experience in circuits and mechanics was able to alter the meters to make them appear as if they were functioning with rotating dials and blinking transmitter lights.


Final Result

The pole was successfully completed and shipped for a tradeshow held in February 2019. Placed at the corner of the booth space, it acted as a focal point, drawing interest from many attendees who stopped to look and inquire about it. All booth staff (President & CEO, VP of North American Operations, and Directors of Sales and Operations) agreed that it was a beneficial addition to the tradeshow booth display.

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