Week two of the Great Print Project of 2012 found me already wondering if I’m crazy for doing this. I spent a good part of the week stumped again on what to print, and a good portion of the weekend out of town (and a good portion of Sunday watching my football team lose – sigh! Next year!). It left me frustrated and thinking of skipping a week. Already!

Well forget that! I’m sticking with this! But it does mean that this week’s print is a bit simpler, done in the waning hours of Sunday evening. And the idea/title?

When you live in the upper Midwest, you come to expect certain things from the weather. One is that it always always changes at the drop of the hat. But another is that winter equals snow. It just does! Usually we have a measurable amount on the ground by Thanksgiving, but at least by Christmas. Not so, this year! Our first real snowfall of the season happened last Thursday. That’s right, January 12! Such craziness! In honor of that incredibly strangely late snow, please have a snowman!

First Fall by Rachael R. Lang

If you’re interested in buying it, it’s in my Etsy shop!

I have an idea of what this week’s might be, but I think I’m going to keep it under my hat for now, just in case some other inspiration hits me before Sunday.