Welcome to week three of the GPP2012! This week brings another New Year’s print! Though this one is for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, which is today!

I admit that I had to take a little extra time this evening to finish it, which I suppose you could see as cheating, but I’m choosing to see it as a successfully completed print. Plus the fact that I battled with a wicked case of the flu last week and was in NO shape to be in the studio for a few days there. And then I spent a good deal of time this weekend out shopping for “grown up” clothes to wear to my “grown up” job. The ones I’ve been wearing are beginning to be worn to death. And mission accomplished on acquiring new things, yay! So basically, I’m fairly proud of myself for getting a print out this week!

As always, this print can be purchased in my Etsy shop! (Use the coupon code WEBSITE for free shipping!)