Holidays are crazy things. Sometimes I feel like we don’t really get a chance to slow down between Halloween and New Years! I’m lucky enough (though some would say the opposite) that I have a small family, and we like to keep things fairly low-key for the holidays. It lets us be much less stressed than I can only imagine big families are. It provides the opportunity to slow down and actually enjoy some of the time off from work.

The way the holidays fell this year, I was able to wrangle two long weekends in a row, and very much enjoyed those extra days. Of course, as always the plan was to get SO MUCH done in those days, but I slowed waaaaaay down instead. And on the morning of the 24th, I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the exhibition they had there on Thomas Sully, a portrait painter whose work was quite amazing to see. The exhibition closes tomorrow, and I’d been saying the entire run that I wanted to get there to see it. My days off provided the perfect opportunity.

Usually when I visit the MAM, I take the time to take a stroll through the rest of the collection, but this time I was there at the perfect time to see the Brise Soleil do its noon close/open rotation. It was cold (goodness was it ever!!), but the wind wasn’t too bad, so I’d hoped to see it (since I have yet to see the wings in motion). Alas, there was some issue that kept them from closing and opening that day – at least on time! – so I’ll just have to try again someday. Hopefully when it’s warmer! (Don’t worry, I consoled myself with a delicious sandwich from the Café.)

The beautifully clear day did provide the opportunity for some architectural photos though. And check out the color of that sky!