I admit that I’ve been sitting on making this post for a week because after the previous few weeks of convention and fair prep, I just wanted to not deal with writing and posting. But here we go! My first outdoor art fair!

Fair tent

Here you see my fair tent! Fully set up, with one of my parents hiding behind the back panel. It almost looks like I know what I’m doing!

My tent! Set up for the fair started around 7:30 am, but we got there around 8. I’d prepared just about everything the night before to simply be thrown in the cars and go, so it wasn’t too bad of a pack-up in the morning. We took my wee car (TinyCar is its name) along with my mom’s SUV for the “big things” (like the tent and the tables and the display racks), and between the two cars we got it all there in “one” trip. It was a little chaotic to offload and get everything set up for the first time, but I think we did pretty well, all things told. I was ready to go at 10 when the show officially opened, so that was a win.

The day started off fairly dreary and chilly, with a bit of a breeze off the river that was less than helpful. But the breeze calmed down and the day warmed up (though I’ve since heard other people say that the weather was awful – were we at different shows? It was a little chilly, but not awful by any stretch of the imagination). I ended up pulling up one side of my tent so that people could see in as they came up the path and so that I wasn’t trapped in a 10×10 fabric cave.

Now, I didn’t sell any prints. ALAS! But I did sell a few cards and a number of magnets. HUZZAH! And one of the ladies from another fair I was looking to sign up for stopped by to talk to me. Basically, everything that happened just convinced me to try a few more shows and see how those go. So that’s what I’ll be doing. After making a TON more stock to sell. Productive times, here we come!

I count this fair as: Moderately Successful

Silly Glasses!

Leftovers from the previous week’s convention. Sometimes you just need some silly glasses.