It is Friday, May 24th, and tomorrow is my first outdoor art festival. Tonight is going to be filled with preparations, putting all my supplies together, last-minute card prints, and a general flurry of activity. This past week has been filled with thoughts about the convention I went to last weekend, and trying to shift my focus away from costumes and onto prints and fairs. I worked on a card print last night (which maybe I should have done earlier in the week), and I think that was a good turning point to get me thinking about art-art (as opposed to costume-art).

New card!

The card I printed last night. I’m currently doing small runs of about 10. Here’s hoping I sell out! (It’s hard to see, but the color is a very pink copper, with a bit of iridescence to it.) And yes, that’s me peeking out at you at the side of the photo.

And as I was putting on my makeup this morning, getting ready to go to work, I realized that I was excited. A little nervous, true, but more than that, I was (and am!) excited. I’m not expecting a flurry of sales, but I’m hopeful for some. I’m expecting to sell some cards and magnets, but I would LOVE to sell a print. Framed or unframed, I don’t care (but please buy something framed, potential customers! 😉 ) The weather report is showing a cool-ish day, but dry and sunny, and that seems like a very good combination.

Here’s hoping for a successful first run!