In the grand scheme of things, I find that goals are lovely for me to have. They give me something to work toward, which is why I try to set a few at the beginning of every year. Goals, not resolutions, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Something to work toward. When I set them, I remind myself that hiccups along the way are normal, to be expected, and never indicate failure, as long as I get back on track and keep working. That’s especially important for me to remember when things cross my path that require me to give them priority over my goals. Because life throws things at you that don’t always care what your plans are.

I had just such a thing hit me during the month of February. Without going into too much detail, I had to have surgery on one of my legs (the other will come later in the year), which took me out of the studio for a few weeks. And, obviously, off of my blog. Though to be honest, I suppose I could have blogged during that time, but I allowed myself the time and space to take away from the website. It was a little disappointing, as I’d started out the year so well on my print project, but health always takes priority. I’m back in the game now though! Still healing and not at 100%, but doing very well over all. So I can return to art and blogging and updates! So let’s back-track a few weeks and work through what I’ve missed.

Week Four
Valentine’s Week! I will totally admit that I’m not above making prints for the sole purpose of trying to sell them in the etsy shop. This one didn’t sell, but it was timely!

Find it here.

Week Six
The end of week four was when I’d officially found out that I needed to get surgery on my legs, and it threw me for a loop. Nearly 2 weeks of worrying and fretting and wondering why I had no motivation or inspiration to work on anything. The answer, obviously, is that my brain was finding it hard to get past worrying to think up something to print. Once I realized that, I knew I had to just get something down, even if it was a simple 2-color piece. I poked at the worried part of my brain until something fell out, and “Cut and Mend” was born. I actually really like this piece now. It’s simple, but I got the positive/negative space to work for me.

In the shop.

Week Seven
Places, people, ideas – sometimes you’re just stuck between things. It’s jarring, it’s harsh, it’s not quite right, and it leaves you feeling unbalanced.

“Between” in the shop.

Weeks Eight and Nine
I had my surgery on February 23, which fell right in the middle of week eight. Leading up to it, I was understandably nervous, and afterwards I was off my feet for a bit. I have ideas for these weeks, I just didn’t have the physical capability to print. I shall be returning to them in the near future to play catch-up.

Week Ten
Returning from two weeks off after my surgery, I was dealing with a leg that was healing, but that was also having an allergic reaction to something (which I’m still fighting with – aren’t you glad I’m telling you all this?). Everything combined so that my overriding thoughts were how itchy I was. Kind of gross, but true.


Week Eleven
Now, I suppose I don’t pay much attention to when robins return to our area, but I certainly notice when they’re back. We’ve had a ridiculously warm spring (so far) to follow our ridiculously mild winter, and week eleven was when the robins appeared. The very next day we had temperatures climbing into the 80s. In March. In Wisconsin. Strange, I tell you. I went a different direction with this print, and opted for a linocut instead of a screenprint. It is the same sort of style as a previous print I have in my shop of a hummingbird from a few years ago. If pressed, I would have to say that this is my favorite print so far for the year.

Robins on Etsy!

And now it’s week twelve, and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I have a few days left, so wish me luck!