It’s mid-June, and already it feels like 2020 has bruised us all. I started off my own year by being unemployed – having been laid off by my last company in December of 2019 (not COVID related). In the early months of 2020, as I was doing my unsuccessful best to hunt for a new position, we began learning about COVID-19, and soon things were shutting down and we were staying at home. Adding one thing on top of another wasn’t easy for anyone, and I turned to art as a way to calm my thoughts and give me something creative to do. I found that hand-drawing mandala designs gave me a way to unplug from everything for a while.

I posted those mandalas on my Instagram account at the time, and had some really lovely responses from people. Since 2020 has continued to challenge everyone, I thought I would share some of the things that have been helping me. With that in mind, I’ve created Ring Around the Sun, a collection of 21 of those mandala drawings, provided for anyone to print and color. Hopefully they’ll provide you some calm and creativity like they did for me.

When printing, I recommend setting your printer for single-sided printing and using  a paper thick enough to support your coloring materials. Cardstock will work well for most all art supplies, as long as it will feed through your printer.

Clicking the image will take you to the book’s PDF file.
You can either save it from there, or right-click the image and choose “Save Link As”.