Last night was our Senior Seminar Exhibit Reception (and official opening)!

Taking into consideration the size of our class and the nature of our campus (the Art Department is separate from the main campus, but both areas have galleries), we were divided between the two locations. The students with the 2-D work, such as paintings, photographs, and graphic design campaigns, was in the gallery at the main campus. The other students’ work, including video projection, comic book art, sculpture, 3-D installations, and my books, were at the Visual Arts Center (a few blocks away).

We began the evening on the main campus, with 2-D work and refreshments. Quite a few people showed up for that, and after about 2 hours, we lured them (via shuttle bus) over to the VAC to see the rest of the work. As I had to stick close to my installation, I’m not sure what sort of reactions other students received, but I got quite a bit of positive feedback.

I’m exhausted today, but it’s a good feeling. I’ll be getting more photos up of the actual work very soon. For now, here’s a few pictures of people that came to see my work.

(photo credit: M. Lang)