It’s getting to be about that time that I finally close my windows for the season. There are frost warnings now at night, and I’ve heard of people turning their heat on already. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and I’m forever grateful that we actually get seasons in Wisconsin. This year brings another facet to the season – moving from outdoor fairs back to indoor.

Art on the Marsh Booth

My booth from the lovely, crisp fall-day September show I did.
Art on the Marsh in Horicon, Wisconsin.

My first fair (ever!) was an indoor fair, one I did back in February. It was meant to feel out if I actually thought I could cut it, doing other fairs during the year. It was my “do I really want to buy a tent and invest the time and money in this” fair. The answer was (pretty obviously) yes, and after that first indoor one, I ended up doing four this summer. Which I know I missed updates on some of them, but as always, I shall attempt to be better at that in the future. I had (in order) a cool May fair, a downright chilly July fair, a hot but breezy August fair, and a crisp and lovely September fair. Once I brought my set-up home from the September fair, I looked around and thought: I could do more.

A very swift flurry of applications and emails ensued, and I am currently confirmed for two fairs in November, and am hoping to hear back from a third. I (and my team of designers and builders – aka Mom and Dad) are coming up with some (I think) good alterations to my outdoor set-up so that I can get something good going for indoors. The vital details for the fairs can be found on my Upcoming Dates page. I’m hoping that the holiday spirit and a slight shift in style/focus of pieces will result in some good sales for me.

Fingers crossed!