I readily admit to not being much of an “outdoors person”. Oh sure, when the weather is nice, I like to open the doors and windows to get a good cross-breeze going, but as for actually spending time outside? Most of the time I’d rather go to a movie. I used to spend a lot of time outside when I was younger, but I suppose I got out of the habit of it as I grew older. Which is one of the reasons I think it’s funny that I’ve been doing more and more outdoor things in the past few years. My allergies end up kicking my butt, so if anyone has stock in Kleenex or Puffs, you’re welcome!

One of the things I wanted to try when I got the house was having my own garden. I have no idea why – I’d never really been interested in gardening before! My parents have always grown tomatoes by the side of their house, but we haven’t had an actual garden in decades, probably. But I decided that in the wide expanse of my back yard, I was going to have a garden. (*Note: My backyard isn’t actually that big. In fact, it’s probably pretty small, compared to most.)

I ended up deciding to do a raised bed garden, especially when I found an easy put-together kit to use. Slide the pieces together, add dirt, and go! The dirt ended up being more than the kit itself, but I wasn’t actually too surprised by that. Dirt can be shockingly expensive! I also added some netting fence around it because I have very pesky rabbits around, and I don’t want everything eaten before it’s even grown!

I planted a few things back at the beginning of May, a couple more about a week after that, and then some seeds today. And so I can both share what I’m doing AND keep track of things for myself, here we go!

garden 1

Left side of garden.

1. Gypsy Peppers. Planted from starter pot May 3. (Harvest in 60 days: July 2.)
2. Japanese Cucumber. Planted from starter pot May 3. (Harvest in 60 days: July 2.)
3. Heartland Tomato. Planted from starter pot ~May 15. (Maturity 68 days: July 22.)
4. Black Krim Heirloom Tomato. Planted from starter pot May 3. (Harvest in 75-85 days: July 17-27.)

garden 2

Right side of garden. The lines are where the seeds have been planted, waiting for sprouts to show!

5. Garlic. Planted from a sprouting grocery store clove May 3.
6. Bean, Bush Blue Lake 47. Planted from seed May 31. (Maturity 58 days: July 28.)
7. Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson. Planted from seed May 31. (Maturity 45 days: July 15.)
8. Carrot – Parisian (Livingston Seed Co). Planted from seed May 31. (Maturity 70-75 days: August 9-14.)
9. Garlic Chives. Split and transplanted from existing plant May 3.
10. Curly Leaf Parsley. Planted from starter pot ~May 15.

We’re still getting some awfully cool/chilly weather, but so far my starter/potted plants are doing really well, it seems, so I hope that my seeds will take soon and give me a good harvest later this summer!

Updates as things grow!