Long time without an update, I know. But welcome to October at my website! I just returned from a 2 and a half week trip to Germany to visit a good friend of mine. It was a trip filled with relaxing and art museums and hopefully preparing myself for some good creative production now. The sketch of the Wurzburg castle is the only thing I drew while I was over there (though I did quite a bit of writing, which was nice).

I returned to what appeared to be a miracle in the form of a set of flat files! Oh sweet flat files. I was speechless for a good little while before doing a little dance. These were acquired from a local municipality that was having an auction of some old equipment. The drawers on this are a little stubborn at times, so I’m sure their engineering department wanted something new. Bonus for me. Now, instead of my paper being rolled and put awkwardly on a shelf, it’s all nicely laid in file drawers.

Today I’m starting on a new book project, making a journal/sketchbook with a nice quality watercolor paper. I’m also testing out making my own bookcloth from some pieces I picked up at the fabric store. There’s a few tutorials online to check out, one using fusible interfacing, one using the traditional paste/PVA method. I’ll probably try both to see which I prefer. More info on that once I get a chance to try them both.

I have a few more ideas that I hope to try out in the next few weeks, mostly book related. Hopefully it won’t be quite so long between updates.