In the time of no art shows, here’s a story from the past:

Two years ago at an art show, I had a couple come into my tent, with the woman quite roundly expecting. They spent a long while looking at my prints, especially the brightly colored animal screen prints I’ve done in the past. They picked out several (!!!), and when purchasing them, let me know that they intended to put them up in their child’s nursery! I was flattered and honored, thinking that this little kid would spend their first years in a room with MY ART!

Then, last year at the same art show, I had a couple come into my tent, the man carrying a baby boy, under the age of 1. They asked if maybe I remembered them? They were the couple that had purchased the animals for a nursery. Of COURSE I remembered them! That sort of thing doesn’t happen to me every day – it made an impression! The woman showed me a photo of their boy’s room, with my art right there on the walls.

Let me tell you, it’s a great feeling. One of the reasons I make art is to connect with people in a certain way. It’s almost like building a little community of me and all the people that have something made by me. It’s not a huge community, but I’m very glad for every single person that’s a part of it.

So thank you, Jenn and family, for reassuring me that what I do is worth it! ❤️❤️❤️